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Interested in your own idea on canvas? Here's how it works.


  My general guidelines for commissions are: -My prices for custom are all pretty close to the prices/size of my existing stuff in my available originals section of my portfolio if you want a preliminary ballpark.  ( -It's always good to meet or talk about your ideas and inspiration as well as reference photos that you'd like to use. -Once we have your ideas in, then I'll do some ROUGH drawings for composition for your piece. -Once we have the rough comp, then I'll do a final drawing.  (I'm most flexible for some adjustments for detail at this point) -We'll approve the final drawing so you know what the image will actually look like and I'll do the background in the colors you're looking for. (Usually I offer one Redo of the background if you aren't totally satisfied.) -Once the background is done, then I'll overlay the image and finish the front painting. -For cost I do a $500 minimum on all custom work. -I always have a 30% non-refundable deposit to begin work. Here's a couple few pics to illustrate from a commission I just finished for a person with her three beloved horses!   Rough Drawing: (usually I do a few of these for different parts of the painting and put them together digitally)   Final Comp: Final Painting:  (The photo is less vibrant than the original) The process has worked well, so that people know EXACTLY what they'll be getting at each step.  It makes it easier for me to fine tune for your specific ideas and reference photos. Digital work is a little different process as well. So the big questions are: What might you be looking for image-wise in the painting? What size do you think you're looking for? What range do you think you are looking at for cost? What's your timeline? I'm a big believer in meeting people out to talk about your ideas.  Whatever size you're looking to do, I'm always accommodating on finding a good price that fits your budget and then stretching up for a little bit bigger size.  If you're interested in more information, please email me at!

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Denver Comic Con!

Looking forward to yet another year of the greatness that is Denver Comic Con!  I've been prepping new prints, new shirts, new stickers, and MORE surprises for this one! If you're looking for the perfect pop-culture event of the summer then don't miss out!  Get your tickets early as they've been known to sell out.  

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